Solar Technology

Would you like a basic overview of the technology behind a home solar solution? We've broken down the core aspects.

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Solar Panels

Elevate your solar energy with our premium Monocrystalline and Polycrystalline solar panels. Whether it's QCells or another brand, we only use panels manufactured by the top industry leaders. Renowned for their exceptional efficiency and sleek design, these panels embody cutting-edge technology and durable material to transform sunlight into substantial power. Rain or shine, get every last drop of energy possible.

Save it for Later

Inverter & Batteries

Say goodbye to energy uncertainties. We will help you select top-notch battery and inverter systems that seamlessly store excess energy, transforming your solar panels into a round-the-clock power solution.

Tesla batteries and powerwalls harness the power of cutting-edge lithium-ion technology, designed to integrate seamlessly with your solar panels.

Monitor and Control

Energy Management

Partnering with companies like FranklinWH, we offer a comprehensive suite of solar energy solutions.

Our smart systems bring a new level of control, allowing you to monitor, manage, and maximize your energy usage in real-time. From advanced analytics to remote monitoring, take command of your energy.

Electric Panels Reinvented

We offer Span powerwalls, which allows seamless management of your solar system. Check out the video.

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